The aim is to build a web based software development tool that allows the rapid creation of database driven applications for use in Small Island Developing States where the it is very difficult for pacific island software developers to ply their craft.

It takes a slightly different approach in thinking about developing data driven web applications with a focus on building many micro applications that talk to each other vs building a monolithic application trying to do many things. The application here is a demonstration of the approach to development that could be very useful for Pacific Island SIDs

Breif Technical Overview

From a technical standpoint the system acomplishes this by storing amd defining an application as data rather than as code. So instead of writting classes, models, controllers, views and routes and managing the associated complexities and technical debt that come with it, you store it in the database as purely data. This allows you to design and develop applications quickly and easily without the need and associated costs required to manage code complexity and debt. Think of this as a web based MS Access Database but more robust, faster, easier to use!